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Product Code : EL-N-10428

Technical Specification:-
Portable baby/child/adult length-height measuring board is used to measure:
Recumbent length of a baby up to 24 months old, or from a minimum length of 8cm
Height of an adult and a child aged 24 months and up in vertical position.
Has a firm, flat surface.
Unit of measure: centimeters
Smallest graduation: 0.1cm.
Accuracy: ± 0.2cm
Precision: ± 0.2cm
Width of the board: ca. 25cm.
Full measurement range with two extensions: 0 to 204cm
Measurement range with one extension only: 0 to 142cm.
Panels are secured with self-contained, spring loaded bolts.
Simple and fast set up, no tools (screwdriver, etc.) required.
No need for calibration, as all parts has prefixed position.
Fold-up mechanism and low weight make it compact and easy to transport.
Parts are not lose or shaking during transportation.
Long-lasting hard-wearing measurement scale is fully integrated with the device and is easy to read in low light conditions.
Measurement scale is made of metal or another material with equivalent stretch and tear resistance characteristics.
Carrying when collapsed is facilitated by an integrated handle at point of equilibrium and/or removable shoulder/back strap/s.
Fixations of the shoulder/back strap/s on the board do not hamper horizontal set-up from lying flat.
Orientation of numerals on the measurement scale: parallel to the board, facilitating quick and easy reading of results.

The device has:-
a) A large foot/head piece which provides a stable base for vertical set up and is used as head board for horizontal set-up, and
b) A smoothly gliding measuring slide/wedge.
No sharp edges or corners.
Smooth finishing allows easy cleaning and safe use.
Designed for heavy duty use in demanding circumstances.
Durable, resistant to effects of excessive humidity and high temperature, water splash proof and shock resistant.
Board can is made of light, strong, durable material, resistant to the conditions described above.
Measuring slide/wedge can be locked or has some kind friction feature to assure accurate and precise measurement.
Measuring slide/wedge wobbles maximum about 0,2 cm. over full length, allowing repeated accurate reading.
Exact points where to read are clearly marked with pictogram or arrow on the measuring slide/wedge.
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