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A fundamental form of energy observable in positive and negative forms that occurs naturally or is produced and that is expressed in terms of the movement and interaction of electrons.

Banana Plug Black

Product Code : EL-E-11470

Have screws locking and a shaft, prevent post rotation, convenient to fix.

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Banana Plug Green

Product Code : EL-E-11471

Simple Operation : Simple to operate, easy to use, easy to install and disassemble.

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Banana Plug Red

Product Code : EL-E-11472

4mm Banana Plug - RED - Banana Pin

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Banana Plug Yellow

Product Code : EL-E-11473

banana plug connector is a single-wire electrical connector used for joining wires to electronic equipment.

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Female Banana Plug Black

Product Code : EL-E-11474

Banana Plug Diameter : 4mm / 0.16"

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Banana Plug Female Red

Product Code : EL-E-11475

Female connector, use on high power/drain brushed or brushless motors.

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Banana Plug Stackable Black

Product Code : EL-E-11476

With 4mm transverse hole, accepting another banana plug, making it stackable.

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Banana Plug Stackable Green

Product Code : EL-E-11477

banana plugs are frequently used to terminate patch cords for electronic test equipment.

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Banana Plug Stackable Red

Product Code : EL-E-11478

banana plugs are also used as the plugs on the cables connecting the amplifier to the loudspeakers in a hi-fi sound system.

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Electric Bell with Metal Gong

Product Code : EL-E-11479

Electric bell with metal gong, housed in clear plastic casing to show inner workings, 3-6V dc.

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