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The SHEAR VANE test is a method of measuring the undrained shear strength of a cohesive soil. A gauge on the top of the rod measures the torque required to cause failure of the soil and provides a conversion to shear strength. The TORVANE is a hand-held vane shear device for rapid determination of shear strength in cohesive soils either in the laboratory or the field. The TORVANE allows shear strength to be measured in the sides of test pits, trenches or excavations. Shear Vane, Torvane Manufacturers; Exporters; Suppliers, buy Shear Vane, Torvane Online India, Physics Lab Equipment and Chemistry Lab Equipment for Schools., Physics Lab Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers, Biology Lab Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers, Shear Vane, Torvane Manufacturers in India.

Pocket Shear Vane, Metal

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10733

Product Description Pocket Shear Vane, Metal The pocket shear vane is widely used for taking on-site measurements of excavations, including trenches and test pits. It is also used for taking readings from thin-wall or split core soil samples.

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Pocket Shear Vane, Plastic

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10734

Pocket Shear Vane, Plastic Supports the following standards : ASTM D2488 The pocket shear vane is widely used for taking on-site measurements of excavations, including trenches and test pits.

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Field Vane Shear Set

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10735

Product Description Field Vane Shear Set Supports the following standards : ASTM D2573 The Vane Shear Set provides a rapid check of the stability of foundations, excavations and trenches in clay. The total range is 0 to 260kPa (0 to 2.6 ton/sq.

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Soil Shear Strength Tester

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10736

Product Description Soil Shear Strength Tester Supports the following standards : ASTM D2573 The device is simple to use. A 19mm vane blade is screwed into the vane is pushed into the soil.

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Shelby Tubes

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10737

Product Description Shelby Tubes Shelby tube samplers are thin-walled, hollow steel tubes, which are driven into the ground to extract a relatively undisturbed soil sample for use in laboratory tests used to determine density, permeability, compress

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Classic Soil Sampler

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10738

Product Description Classic Soil Sampler The tube is marked in 6" intervals and provides easy unloading of the sample.

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Soil Sampling Tube Set

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10739

Product Description Soil Sampling Tube Set Tube sets are helpful and functional for agricultural and other soil-testing procedures.

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Soil Sampling Auger Tube Set

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10740

Product Description Soil Sampling Auger Tube Set Set contains auger and sampling tube.

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Soil Sampler Replacement Tips

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10741

Product Description Soil Sampler Replacement Tips The Regular Soil Tip was specially designed for use in areas with many different soil and moisture types. This is an "all purpose" tip, so if you aren't sure which tip to get, this is a

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Footstep Soil Probe

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10742

Product Description Footstep Soil Probe Footstep Soil Sampler is a 36" one-piece soil sampler with a welded-on footstep.

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Sample Bags, Heavy-duty material

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10743

Product Description Sample Bags, Heavy-duty material Bag has draw-cord closure and can be used for various applications involving soils, aggregates, sands and similar materials.

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Shovel, Round-Point

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10744

Product Description Shovel, Round-Point Heat-treated, high-carbon steel round-pointed blade has 27" (69cm) D-grip handle and full wooden yoke with steel casing. Supports the following standards : ASTM C192, ASTM C31, ASTM D2937, ASTM C172, A

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Water Level Indicator

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10745

Product Description Water Level Indicator Compact, self-contained units feature a jointed design for easy access to difficult openings.

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Double Ring Infiltrometer

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10748

Product Description Double Ring Infiltrometer Supports the following standards : ASTM D3385 The test provides reliable data for use in environmental and other geotechnical studies, such as liquid waste disposal, leaching, drainage, irrigation req

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Permeameter Kit

Product Code : EL-SVTT-10749

Product Description Permeameter Kit The equipment can be transported, assembled, and operated easily by one person. Measurements can be made in 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on soil type, and requires only about 2.5 liters of water.

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