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Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory: The classical equipment includes tools such as Bunsen burners and microscopes as well as specialty equipment such as operant conditioning chambers, spectrophotometers and calorimeters.Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers; Exporters; Suppliers, buy Laboratory Instruments Online India, Scientific Lab Equipment manufacturers in India, School Lab Equipments, Indian Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Scientific Lab Instruments Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ambala, Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers in India.

Dial Indicators

Product Code : EL-LI-11191

Product Description Dial Indicators All dial indicators have continuous graduations and revolution counters that show revolutions of the indicator hand.

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Digital Indicators

Product Code : EL-LI-11192

Product Description Digital Indicators Feature instant "0" at any spindle position, lock in maximum reading, LCD display with .305"-high characters, infrared linear encoder, Runs either clockwise or counter clockwise.

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Contact Extensions

Product Code : EL-LI-11193

Product Description Contact Extensions Contact Points feature hardened steel points with polished tip to prevent scratching. Points fit all standard indicators and gauges.

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Gloves, Rubber

Product Code : EL-LI-11194

Product Description Gloves, Rubber For use in compaction, concrete and general lab work, medium thickness short-form gloves without gauntlets are chemical and abrasion resistant and feature curved fingers and contoured palm for ease while working.

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Gloves, Nitrile-Coated, Hot Mill

Product Code : EL-LI-11195

Product Description Gloves, Nitrile-Coated, Hot Mill Non-woven, felt insulation and a full-length heat barrier protect hands. Nitrile coating prevents cuts and abrasions.

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Ceramic Hotplates

Product Code : EL-LI-11196

Product Description Ceramic Hotplates The design ensures proper temperature control of the top plate or your sample when using the optional temperature probe.

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Ceramic, Hotplate Stirrers

Product Code : EL-LI-11197

Product Description Ceramic, Hotplate Stirrers It is chemical resistant with an innovative, easy-to-clean design that channels spills away from internal components and the angled glass control panel.

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Hotplate, Economy Basic

Product Code : EL-LI-11198

Product Description Hotplate, Economy Basic Fit virtually anywhere in the lab. Easy-to-set analog temperature control knob with graduated scale. Non-heating frame surrounds the heated ceramic plate for added protection.

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Hotplate, Economy Basic – Stirring

Product Code : EL-LI-11199

Product Description Hotplate, Economy Basic – Stirring Direct-drive motor/magnet system runs silently. Reflective white ceramic surface is acid- and alkali-resistant and easy to clean.

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Hotplates, Heavy-Duty

Product Code : EL-LI-11200

Product Description Hotplates, Heavy-Duty Hot plates feature a sturdy stainless steel case that resists spills and corrosion and supports heavy loads. Large top plate surface accommodate a 40 lb maximum load capacity.

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Hotplate, Gas

Product Code : EL-LI-11201

Product Description Hotplate, Gas Two-burner, heavy-duty cast iron stoves. Models available for natural and cylinder gas operation.

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Heat Gun, Industrial-grade

Product Code : EL-LI-11202

Product Description Heat Gun, Industrial-grade Insulated nozzle Protects operator, provides a cool exterior temperature. Powerful blower provides a high volumes of air needed for almost any application and convenient base allows for stationary us

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Hotplate, Electric

Product Code : EL-LI-11203

Product Description Hotplate, Electric Two 825-watt rapid heating burners, for a total of 1650 watts. Infinite heat controls, heavy-gauge steel construction; stainless steel finish; phenolic feet.

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Standard Burner with Air Regulator Only

Product Code : EL-LI-11204

Product Description Standard Burner with Air Regulator Only Burners feature aluminum mixing tubes and serrated gas inlet connections.

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Standard Burner with Air Regulator Only with flame stabilizer

Product Code : EL-LI-11205

Product Description Standard Burner with Air Regulator Only with flame stabilizer Burners feature aluminum mixing tubes and serrated gas inlet connections.

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