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Abacus Slide 2 Colour

Product Code : EL-DAV-11434

The abacus can also be used to extract square-roots and cubic roots.

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Blackboard Compass

Product Code : EL-DAV-11435

The opening angle can be read in degrees

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Blackboard Protractor

Product Code : EL-DAV-11436

Blackboard utensils are used in a classroom on the black or whiteboard to teach mathematics and geometry.

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Blackboard Ruler

Product Code : EL-DAV-11437

Ruler for chalkboard, 100cm

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Blackboard Set of 3

Product Code : EL-DAV-11438

This set consists of a large plastic compass, protractor and ruler for use on a blackboard.

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Blackboard Set Square 45

Product Code : EL-DAV-11439

Triangle chalkboard, 45-45-90 degrees

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Blackboard Set Square 60

Product Code : EL-DAV-11440

Shape : Triangle

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Blackboard T-Square

Product Code : EL-DAV-11441

Treeline Chalkboard T-Square 1 Meter are large drawing equipment for schools and universities to use on chalkboards and blackboards.

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Block Aluminium 20 x 20 x 100

Product Code : EL-DAV-11442

Aluminium Block, We are the traders of Aluminium Block.

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Wooden Block

Product Code : EL-DAV-11443

Material : Wooden

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Block Wooden 80 x 50 x 40mm

Product Code : EL-DAV-11444

Size : 80 x 50 x 40mm

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Density Bottle

Product Code : EL-DAV-11445

Capacity : 50ml

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Graphic Calculator

Product Code : EL-DAV-11446

Also with large display and a generating numeric table function.

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Pocket Calculator

Product Code : EL-DAV-11447

Solar powered with back-up battery

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Scientific Calculator

Product Code : EL-DAV-11448

It also has multi-replay function with 240 different functions.

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