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Product Code : EL-WS-10444

Self-supporting plastic direct-drop squatting plate with footrests, moulded in LDPE with a keyhole cover moulded in HDPE.
Materials can differ, but must be plastic providing light weight, sturdy and easy to clean slab.
The upper side has a slight slope towards the drop hole of the plate to facilitate cleaning.
Keyhole cover is preferably attached and hinged.
Holes are provided on the four corners of the squatting plate and can be used to secure the plate to the ground using the provided four pegs/anchors.
The underside of the squatting plate has inserts to enable the fastening of either the Pan and “Goose neck” or Pan and “P” trap options.
The squatting plate can securely support a weight of 150kg at the center, with the two extreme ends laying off at least 100mm of firm support (ground or beams).

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