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Product Code : EL-PG-10440

A complete diesel generator set including the diesel engine, alternator, control panel, automatic starting equipment, fuel tank and all other accessories for autonomous operation.

Rates Power:
20kVA, 16kW, Power factor (Cos. phi = 0.8), 400/230V, 3-phase, 50Hz at NTP (Normal Temperature and Pressure)
The use of the generator as prime or stand-by should be clearly stated by the country office when the set is requested

Heavy duty diesel engine, with the following characteristics:
Air cooled.
Cartridge oil filter
External fuel filter
Residential silencer
Exhaust with suitable flexible piping.
Synchronous speed: up to 1500rpm.
Mechanical speed governor
Heavy duty air cartridge filter
Electric starter including batteries, leads and automatic battery charging equipment

Fuel Tank:
Fuel tank of suitable construction with capacity sufficient to run the generator set continuously for 8 hours at the rated capacity
The tank is provided with suitable piping for connecting it to the engine as well as for filling the tank
Fuel level indicator placed conveniently on the panel board

Synchronous and brushless
Automatic fast voltage regulator, maintaining the output within 2% under normal conditions
Screen protected
CEE Sockets: one 3 pole and one 5 pole

Panel Board:
Made of steel sheets of appropriate thickness subjected to anti-oxidizing treatment and covered with epoxy resin with suitable protection factor.

The panel board comprises the following:
Automatic main circuit breaker
Key to start and stop the unit
Emergency stop button
Set-point for speed/governor control
Set-point for voltage control
Warning system for electrical and mechanical alarms
Change over switch with positions for: "MAINS", "OFF", "GENERATOR"

The engine and the alternator should be connected with a heavy-duty elastic coupling and should be mounted on a common rigid base frame with anti-vibration dampers and lifting eyes flexible for transportation
Engine, alternator, fuel tank and panel should be one integrated unit mounted on skids

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